Wednesday, August 6, 2014

ULTA Beauty Haul + FREE Gift

Who else loves ULTA? It has the selection of both drugstores and Sephora, plus friendly employees who don't try to sell you the most expensive products (which is one of my biggest shopping pet peeves!) If you spend $19.50 on ULTA brand products now, you'll get a free gift bag full of cosmetics! Not sure whether to get the gift bag? I have reviews of all of the products below!

The gift bag comes in three colors, and each color contains a different set of products. I got the black bag because it had the most neutral shades. I love neutrals!

Here is the free gift bag + all of its contents. It's an $88 value, and it includes several full-size products. This would make a great gift, especially for someone who is just starting to wear makeup. The lipstick and eye shadow shades are universally-flattering, and all of the products fit neatly into the cosmetic bag.

I purchased some eye makeup remover, lip gloss, and eye liner. 

Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover // $6.00
Minerals Nourishing Lip Color in Pink Topaz // $8.00 
Automatic Eyeliner in "Chocolate" // $8.00

My total came to $22.00, but I also had a coupon from the newspaper for $3.50 off a $10 purchase. so I paid $18.50 plus tax. $18.50 for $110 in merchandise? Fantastic!

Below are my reviews of all of these products, including the free gifts!

For Eyes

Super Stretch Mascara // This mascara is fine for everyday, but it doesn't add much in terms of length or volume. And it's not waterproof, so it comes off of my always-watery eyes in a matter of hours. I would not buy this mascara again.

Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover // I compare all eye makeup removers to my favorite, Estee Lauder Makeup Remover Lotion. This remover is great because it takes makeup off and doesn't leave an oily residue on your face. It's not my favorite, but it's a pretty good product at a reasonable price.
Super Stretch Mascara

Automatic Eyeliner in "Chocolate" // I have very sparse, short lower eyelashes, so I apply eye liner to my waterline to make it look like I'm wearing mascara there. I usually go for black liner because most brown liners are too orange-y, but this one was a perfect color! It's a crayon, so it goes on smoothly and stays put for hours. A great product!

Dual Ended Eye Liner in "Dark Brown" and "Black" // I've never been a fan of pencil eye liners (I prefer liquid or crayon liners), but I was pleasantly surprised with this liner! It's easy and smooth to apply, and it stays on all day.

Sponge-Tip Brush // I like using sponge-tip applicators for applying eye shadow to the creases above my eyelids, but I'm not a huge fan of this brush. Some of the precision afforded by the sponge tip is lost when it's attached to a long brush. Plus, sponge-tip applicators are especially difficult to clean.

Eye Shadow Brush // This is a pretty basic brush. I like that it's small, allowing for precise eye shadow application. Use it to blend shadow into the creases above your eyelids.

Shadow Swatches

Left Four Shadows (the one on the far left is difficult to see!) // Upper Left Eye Shadow Palette (contains "Trendsetter," "Bone," "Molten," and "Lustre") // I was most excited to try this palette... I love pewter and rose gold eye shadows! The lightest color, "Bone" was difficult to gather onto the brush, so I ended up using a sponge tip brush to apply it. Maybe it was baked for too long? I loved the "Lustre" and "Trendsetter" shadows: they are perfect for blending to create a daytime smokey eye. I'm always weary of dark shadows (hello, raccoon eyes) but "Molten" was lightly-pigmented and perfect for the creases above my eyelids.

Middle Four Shadows // Lower Left Eye Shadow Palette (contains "Social Climber," "Calla Lilly," "Galaxy," and "Hopeless Romantic") // I love the colors in this palette... even the darkest shade "Galaxy!" It's more of a grey than a black, so it's perfect for a smokey eye look.

Right Four Shadows // Lower Right Eye Shadow Palette (contains "Iceland," "Peacock," "Sapphire," and "Blackout") // I'm not a big fan of the colors in this palette: aside from "Iceland," they're too dark and bold to wear every day. I'll probably wear the shadows from this palette for a night out, but I haven't tried them yet!

Last Shadow // Glitter Eye Shadow Top Coat in "Put A Ring On It" // WOW this stuff is glittery! It's fun and unique, but too much for everyday (for me at least!) It's great to highlight your brow bone or apply on top of eye shadow for a night out. It is difficult to remove, though. I had to use regular eye makeup remover, then scrub with gel cleanser to remove all of the glitter.

There's more to this review, but this post is getting L-O-N-G! I'll post Part 2 (the nail polish, skin, and lip products) soon!

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